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Sean Gardner Sean Gardner
Sean Gardner Sean is on the Reunion Committee.

Email me!

I invite you to visit my personal web site at

Hello classmates. My role on the Reunion Committee has been to write this web site for our class, and try to keep it reasonably up to date. We're hoping our classmates will find it's a good way to get back together with friends they've lost touch with over the years, as well as a source of current information when reunion time rolls around again.

Our web site is hosted on, which is owned by myself (you're welcome). As I like to say, I am notalot!

It's been kind of fun writing up our class web site, which I suppose is something only a programmer would say. Anyway, I hope you like it. If you have comments or suggestions on it, please feel free to contact me.

Anything else you want to find out about me, you should be able to find on my personal web site, listed above (which I never update).

The Pictures
1. I became a grampa in 2011! Gabe is punching me out for making him dress in the geek shirt my workmates got for him - but I don't care, I'm a happy grampa!

2. Park people on a barge ride on the Mississippi, in Minneapolis, compliments of Aggregate Industries. Me ('77), Brad ('02), Hayley ('13?), Carmen ('12), and Bryan (GED '05). Brad is my son, Carmen is his sister, and Bryan is his brother. Hayley is Carmen's friend.

3. Four generation picture on the Mischke side. Lots of you should know Sal Mischke, either as a janitor at Hillside or Pullman, or as the guy who sharpens your tools and skates. Carol (Mischke) Taft ('84) is the proud new Nana. She has had to move to the Chicago area to stay employed at Ford. Gabe is Carol and I's first grandchild, and Sal and Lorraine's first great-grandchild. Brad's wife Allesha was working and couldn't be there for the pictures. Bummer.

4. Four generation picture on the Gardner side, Allesha included! Apparently I always wear the same shirt when pictures are being taken. Gabe is "Diddy-Grandma's" first great-grandchild, too.

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