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Daralyn Conklin O'Halloran   2/10/2002 09:52pm
Hey! I see it finally worked. I am one of those people that will always have a problem with concept of the internet.
It has been 10 years since I have been to Minn.
I think that this website is a great way to find out about what is going on with everyone, including classmates that cannot make it to the reunion.
My home of 7 years has been in Lakeland,Florida.
Besides moving from Hilton Head,SC, there have been many changes in my life since 1992.
I plan on attending this year's reunion. As soon as I figure out how to register...??? Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Daralyn Conklin O'Halloran   2/10/2002 09:27pm
I'm having a problem trying to get a password,have written a few messages; but not going through. I am an e-mail dummy...
connie noble law   2/10/2002 10:51am
looking forward to the reunion this year.I'm still quite new to this computer and e-mail stuff, my daughter has been trying to teach me for some time!. and i'm sure i'm still doing it wrong, sorry.
jay peters   2/10/2002 07:41am
Hey, how's everybody? I just got this website all the way over here in Malaysia..I see some familiar names here, brings back some memories. Dan Stratton and John Bous, I knew you guys way back. Anyway...nice to see your still doing good!
rick spreeman   2/3/2002 04:48pm
im alive and almost kicking
greg wilwert   2/3/2002 04:43pm
im still alive and kicking
John P. Bous   2/3/2002 02:20am
Hey this is great the way it is set up Sean,
you have done a wonderful job. Pat yourself on
the back as I said in my direct e-mail to you,
it is hard to do it from this side of the screen.
I would like to thank Dan S for the nice note
he sent me after the first message I left.
There are many of you that I think of often,
some that started grade school with me and others
that came along after the start of jr. hi at the
old school.
I look forward to seeing messages from the rest of the class in the near future.
Sean Gardner   2/3/2002 01:29am
If your post card has <<Password>> for the password, it's a mistake due to a typo! Please email me to get your correct password (click my name). Sorry about that!
Sten Hubinette   2/1/2002 08:27pm
Greetings all:
Hope to see you all at the reunion.
John P. Bous   2/1/2002 10:57am
could not login using assigned password <<Password>> as was on post card.
I may be contacted oat the above e-mail address.
Dan Stratton   1/27/2002 00:26am
Since September 11th, I find myself up late at night and I don't know why but I seem to want to wax nostalgic through this guestbook. I'm a bit embarrassed when I look at my earlier writings but I guess when "stuff" happens like the attacks, the uncomfortableness of embarrassment pales. (Is uncomfortableness a word?) :)

I am sorry to hear that Park has gone on to lead in those areas. It seems hard for me to believe.

I look forward to seeing you all in August. I am in training now for those days. (Vanity and vexation)

Sean Gardner   1/18/2002 08:48pm
Lisa also passes along to me some of the funniest email I get - thanks Lisa!
Lisa Koyama   1/16/2002 06:36pm
It has been at least 2 years or more since I have looked at our high school web page. I have not been up to much since our last reunion. I still live in Bozeman, MT. I quit my job as an office oncology nurse 2 years ago. I currently work as an IV specialist with a home IV pharmacy.

For fun I take karate lessons and I take private lessons in Okinowan weapons. The taekwondo club I used to belong to became a dead end for me since I was stuck as a 1st degree black belt. Now I am a lowly blue belt and loving it. I also bike on a tandem road bike and have clocked over 1000 miles each year for the last 2 years.

I am still married to Scott Busse whom I met at Augsburg College. Scott works in the chemistry department at Montana state U. when he's not telemark skiing at Bridger Bowl Ski area or mountain biking in the summer months.
Diane (Dimick) Engler   1/14/2002 07:23pm
Sean and everyone,

Thanks, Sean, for setting up the web page. It's fun to hear what everyone is doing. My husband Al and I are living just north of Chicago. We're nearing the "empty nest" stage of our lives. Our daughter, Sarah, is a junior at the University of Missouri, and our son, Will, enters the University of Illinois this fall. We occasionally get back to Minnesota to see family so will try to make it to the reunion if possible. Wishing you all a peaceful world.
Jeff Renner   1/3/2002 12:36pm
Hello to everyone from the Class of 77.

It sure is interesting to read the messages from former classmates to see how lives have changed.

Currently, my wife Veronica and I are living in Herndon, Virginia, which is 3 miles from Dulles Airport and 20 miles from downtown D.C.

After spending too many years in retail management, both of us changed careers a few years ago. We both work in the accounting/collections Department of our respective companies. Veronica works for the Times Community Newspaper, which is a group of 17 local papers. I work for Waste Management doing Collections. I tell all the people I meet that I am in trash collection, when I really just try to collect money from delinquent commercial customers. Both our jobs are close to home and the hours are identical. That is great when planning for our time off.

We plan to be back in Minnesota in the summer of 2002 for Veronica's parents 50th anniversary. It looks like the timing will not allow attending the reunion, but things could change.

I would welcome contact from any of the class. Please feel free to email me. The address is on the class list. I will definitely respond.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

Jeff Renner
rory hughes   11/7/2001 02:59pm
Hey Kelly P. thanks for the note...I'll do my best to answer all e-mails in a timely manner if anyone feels like catching up as the countdown to the 25th reunion sneaks up on us all!!!
Dan Stratton   11/2/2001 02:55am

You are one handsome and talented fellow. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Sean Gardner   11/1/2001 08:02pm
Hi All,

Carin, I set up your email as you requested.

For anyone who would like to update their contact information online using our web site, please feel free to email me to get your password.

With your password in hand, go to the classmates page at and click the link to log in. On the login page, select your name, enter your password, and click the "Log In" button. Then click on your name to edit your info.

The Reunion Committee will be grateful to anyone who selects to be contacted by email, because it saves on postage and envelope costs, and saves us time too!

It's great to see the amount of interest in the next reunion, even though it's still almost a year away!
Dan Stratton   10/28/2001 06:00am

Did you know, (you probably do), that you are a very good writer.

This morning and every Sunday, I am privileged to speak to a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and highly diverse group. We are rich and poor and the important thing that holds us together is our love for God.

But what I have found is that we need to talk about our differences. Your son's questions are so very healthy and lead to so many laughs when they are shared with the people that he has questions about. I am amazed on a regular basis when I learn about traditions and paradigms of thought that are foreign to me. They are not right or wrong they are just different.

Let me leave you with a thought. Since you can articulate yourself so well in writing, you may wish to reply.

Differences magnified by fear = WAR
Differences magnified by love = COVENANT

Dan Stratton
Carin Griffiths-Heine   10/27/2001 05:30pm
Hi Sean

How do I get my email address posted next to my name on the list. If you could do it I would appreciate it.

I just read Lee Clark's message and Just wanted to say I agree and embrace that kind of thinking also. My 10 year old daughter was raised to age four at the University of MN family housing. We had neighbors from all places in the world and became familiar with many. My daughter has never looked at or made any comment about what color a person is or how they live, and we are proud of both our children of being tolerant and embracing different people and ideas.

My son on the other hand was 2 when we moved to Hutchinson. We have very good freinds from UofM. The woman is American and married a man from India. We have always spent birthdays and family occasions with them since the children were young. They were a very important part of all our lives and still are.

It struck me as very funny one day when Jack at 5 asked why their two children have dark skin and why their Dad and his family speak with a different accent and smell like exotic spices and fragrances. We never thought he would question these things since we have been with our freinds for many years.

While MacKenzy was immersed in the various cultures Jack was raised in Hutchinson a progressive growing town but still a predominately white town. We thought we were raising our children to embrace anyone who is "different" than ourselves, and realized it is not how you raise them but what you expose your children to.

In conclusion, teach your children well and stop and think deeply yourself. This is a great country we live in and we can cope much easier with a kind word or smile to anyone you come upon.

Carin Griffiths-Heine
Carin Griffiths-Heine   10/27/2001 04:38pm
Hello Everyone,

For those of you who I was very close and to those that I created many great memories with, I just want to say Hi and I miss you.

For all those whose lived in Cottage Grove, St.Paul Park, Grey Cloud Island, Newport and lived by each other or hung out at the same places, I would love to hear from all. For those of you who think I may not have known you well I have many fond memories of you also.

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful free and fun age we have become. The pictures from the last two reunions looked like a lot of fun. Everyone looked great! Was John Chatterton there casual and all? Did Jim Leaf and Kevin Dunning come together? Did Renee and Julie come together? Some of you are still very close and that is great.

I am doing great and living in Hutchinson MN. My husband and I are having lots of fun, the kids are getting older, my daughter MacKenzy is 10 and my son Jack is 8. I am starting to get the look or the mouth when they don't care about what I am saying. My god do we have to see ourselves in our kids?!!!!! I don't know how my mother did it with seven kids!!!!

We keep thinking about moving closer to the cities near East or Southeast side of St.Paul but we are living in such a quiet place and then spend a lot of time in the cities that some day we hope to have a small apartment in MPLS. and a lake home out here.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and remain in good health. Hope you are all happy doing all the things you enjoy. We will definately be coming to the August reunion. I want to see if I can get Erin Lynch there too. It always helps to have someone to hang with, so keep in touch and see you all at the next get together.

Best Wishes
Carin Griffiths-Heine
Kenny Nelson   10/26/2001 06:57pm
Hello Everyone,
It doesn't seem possible almost 25 years! I hope you all are doing very well.
I would love to hear from any of you.You can reach me
Take care and God Bless.
Kenny Nelson
Ray Tharaldson   10/25/2001 04:33am
Wow, twenty-four years! Can you guys believe it? I'd love to hear from anyone associated with the class of 77.
Wendy (Scofield) Alverson   10/24/2001 08:25pm
Hi all, Everything is going great. Anyone who wants to touch base emails are greatt. I can't believe we can all commuicate. Have a great day.
Hugs, Wendy
Bruce Allen   10/24/2001 08:34am
Hey everyone! I just chimed in a couple weeks ago to, I'm willing to exchange verbage w/anyone. Hey Dano B. how's Howey doing? My brother Scott wants to know, Bye
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