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Dan Stratton   10/9/2001 07:58pm
Jeffrey, (He says in the deepest voice he can muster) How are you doing my old friend? I am pleased to hear that some inquiring minds, inquired. Drop me a line sometime at or give me a call at 917-991-2004. (Obviously, anyone else who would like to call is welcome as well.)

As for everybody. You owe it to yourself to see this sight. It will mark you and increase your resolve to support our President in his efforts to strike back at terrorists and terrorism. It is easier to be a pacifist or a peacenik, when you can't smell rotting flesh. (I always did go for a bit of shock value, but in this case this is non-fiction.)

Again, thanks for caring and I will be praying for you. Do the same for me, as my work is heating up. The fear factor is high and angry outbursts are daily and routine.

Dan Stratton (Not as skinny as I used to be, but I still have a honker.)

Jeff Kaufer   10/7/2001 11:00am
Get a new address and you hear from all kinds of people. My the world has changed! I hope all is well with alot of calls from people concerned about Strats-we're glad you're not dead. I look forward to being in touch.
Dan Stratton   9/28/2001 03:57pm
Sean, great job. Even I can navigate this thing. I thought I was going to have to get my eight year old daughter to help me.

I want to thank Sue for caring enough to reach out to me. It meant a lot to me. I heard from Ron Lemieux and Greg Sailer as well. That was very nice.

We were located fifty yards from the towers. I say were because we lost our place due to fires that were caused by the attack. My staff and I are all fine. My family was in Jersey at the time and every person in my congregation about 350 of them are all fine and their families as well. I am blessed and busy.

Since we are the only church specifically assigned to this mission field we are busy. We are moving our church from West Street to Wall Street and are praying with many and listening to more.

I look forward to getting back to the reunion in 2002. If there is anyone who won't come because I do, please e-mail me and I will maybe bow out so you can go this time. I have attended the last two and maybe it's your turn.

All my blessings. And thanks again.

Dan Stratton (the blonde skinny kid with a big nose)
Debbi Denzer   9/21/2001 02:11pm
Have just recently discovered our class website, Sean has done a great job putting it together. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion...See ya, Deb
Sue (Mitchell) Shapiro   9/17/2001 04:48pm
FYI - I was able to locate Dan Stratton, and while his office space was demolished during the WTC attacks, he wants everyone to know he and his family are alive!
Sue (Mitchell) Shapiro   9/14/2001 04:37pm
Has anyone heard from Dan Stratton since the WTC attack? I believe he had an office in that general area for the church ministry he ran.
Please let anyone in the reunion committee know if you have heard from him, or anything about him.
There are a few people who've been asking and I have nothing to tell them. Thanks.
GREG SAILER   8/22/2001 10:00pm
First of all I want to say "HI" to everyone, and yes, I'm back to help put together the 25th! We have a great committee assembled and I hope everyone will appreciate the time and effort put forth to make for a very enjoyable "25th" weekend. It is impossible to please 100% of the class, but we are going to sure try. Again we need your help updating addresses and now, e-mail addresses! Yes, this is 2001, not 1977...the new computer age!! Finally, I want to commend Sean Gardner for his incredible job on our website!! The site is second to none-please e-mail Sean and let him know what you think!! THANK YOU Sean... Finally, hope to talk to you soon, Greg.
Dano Buckley   8/21/2001 08:36pm
This is starting out be be a good year to make first and continued contact with
all the classmates! I hope to find alot of the others that have remained hidden
for the last few reunions, and want to hear from all my old friends! And for
those of you who know my I'll track you down sooner or later! Hope to see as
many of you as possible this Reunion, Feel free to call me or E-mail me.
I'm in the list.
Sue (Mitchell) Shapiro   8/10/2001 04:43pm
Well it's to think about our 25 year class reunion. The committee is a little late in getting the plans going, but we are working to line up a great time for late summer 2002 and will update everyone as soon as we have something concrete. In the meanwhile, if anyone sees this and knows of any address changes since the last reunion, please send email to the reunion committee, either through the link off Sean's page here, or to: Thanks.
Sean Gardner   1/20/2001 08:10pm
Hi all. Once again it's tax time. Sometimes it seems like it's always tax time! As I've done every year since 1997, I've changed the Mystery Link to point to, and will leave it pointed there for the duration of the tax season. The site provides tax forms in PDF format for both the Fed and most, if not all, states.

You can also find tax forms on the IRS site at, but the site is harder to navigate and during the peak of tax season is often so swamped it's unusable! But it has forms in PCL, PostScript, and other formats if you need them that way.
Sue Mitchell Shapiro   1/20/2001 06:09pm
Just checking out the NEW and IMPROVED version of our classpage. I like it! Hopefully one of these days we'll have an entire group on the chat!
Sean, thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our page! I'll be getting more classmate addresses to you soon! Take care!
Howard Nolan   1/18/2001 10:12am
This is a cool guest book. Much better than the old. I guess that's why it's called new and improved. Hope everyone is doing well. Howard.
Sean (again)   12/28/2000 09:50pm
It's just me again. After all, you don't get new stuff without having to test it! I'm trying to program this to look nice and fit in nice with the rest of our web site. If you have suggestions for how it should look, just email me! Also, if something doesn't seem to be working right, email me. Since it's our own guestbook, I can (in theory…) fix it!
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