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40-Year Reunion Event

WHEN August 18-19, 2017, the weekend of St. Paul Park's Heritage Days.
WHERE Riverside Tavern.

388 W 9th Ave, St. Paul Park, MN (by Hidden Harbor Marina)
Riverside Tavern
Riverside Tavern
Riverside Tavern
Riverside Tavern

COST $35/person
PAYMENT Advance payment is closed. Plan to pay $35/person at the door. Cash preferred.
FOOD Hors d'oeuvres and snacks will be served until 9:00 PM. A full menu will also be available if you choose to purchase larger entrees (at your own cost).
  • wings with numerous sauces
  • chicken tenders
  • catfish fingers
  • meatballs
  • mini corn dogs
  • onion rings
  • waffle fries
  • cheese curds
  • the Reunion Committee may bring in some additional snacks and veggie trays
DRINK Cash bar. Free soft drinks and water.
  • The Friday, August 18th river run has been cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • The Saturday, August 19th float in the St. Paul Park Heritage Days Parade has been cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • Saturday evening, August 19th, 7:00 PM will be the main reunion get together at Riverside Tavern. For this there's PLENTY of interested!
PHOTOGRAPHER In the age of smart phones, WE will all collectively be the photographer. Please plan to send your favorite pictures to the reunion committee. We'll probably put up a photo album on Facebook, where you can view, like, and tag people.

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Is no news good news when you're planning a reunion??


Will you be coming in from out of town? Regaling your old classmates with tales of far away places? Our Travel Planning page may help you prodigals return to your roots. It has many links to online flight, hotel, and car rental sites.

It's All About Us

Unearthed in 2007! The 1977 Class Will!
Snapshot of 1977
Every 10 Years
What a difference 40 years makes! (From Crown '72 reunion site.)
Riding the Crest of the Baby Boom (From the August 14, 1997 St. Paul Pioneer Press.)

Final Note

The Reunion Committee is always working to keep classmate contact information up to date. If you're a classmate, you can help by logging in to our classmates page and making your updates online. To log in, click here. Thanks!

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